Hanukkah Moon

Chag Sameach!  Today is Rosh Chodesh Tevet otherwise known as the Hanukkah Moon.  Chanukah is the only Jewish holiday that straddles two months. Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the new month, is classically a women's festival.
In North African countries, the seventh night of Chanukah, Judith's night of triumph, was set aside as Chag haBanot, the Festival of the Daughters. Chag haBanot falls on the new moon of the Hebrew month of Tevet, which is the sixth or seventh night of Chanukah. More details on how some people celebrate it can be found here.Some legends say that the women did the work of rededicating the Temple with unusual zeal. Other stories say that women have a connection to Chanukah because of Judith, the heroine of the Book of Judith.
We do not celebrate a full Chag HaBanot but do make the seventh day special.  I think it is one of the few Rosh Chodesh that Froggy remembers after they are gone (Rosh Hashana being another)


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