Holiday Concerts

Typically we do not attend holiday concerts because they are filled with Christmas music.  We went to one today at the recommendation of a friend and it was wonderful.  It was a Tiny Tots Concerts designed for young listeners.  Since it was a symphonic orchestra and therefore no lyrics, I was ok with the Christmas carols. 
Froggy had a fantastic time. She loved the music. She loved seeing the young people playing.  The band director introduced all of the instruments individually.  Froggy only got one right.  She used to know more but this year classical music has fallen off our radar and she has forgotten.
 Students dressed as Rudolph and Frosty and Mr and Mrs Claus visited the children and took pictures with them after the concert.  Froggy wanted desperately to hug everyone except Mr. Claus.  It was neat.
We got a bit of a surprise too.  We were coming back to the main area after a detour, when one of the band comes running up to greet Froggy.  "Hey I know you!!"  He was so happy to greet her.  He is one of the Madrichim in the next grade up.  All the lower grades daven together during Religious School so that is where he knows her from.  It made both of feel good to be greeted. 


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