Menu Planning Monday - 2 Kislev 5772

In addition to our regular menu for the week, I am baking and preparing for two big events next week.  We will be hosting Game Day here and attending a friend's cookie exchange. I need about 10 dozen cookies for the exchange hence getting the jump on it this week. 

This week's baking consists of
Sandwich bread
Pumpkin muffins
Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin Cookies

For both the cookies, I will bake some of the cookies for us to eat and enjoy this week and freeze some of the dough for baking up closer to the actual event.

Sunday - Sticky Chicken - (never had last week), peas and corn
Monday - Burgers, parsnip fries,broccoli
Tuesday - Chicken Noodle soup and Biscuits
Wednesday -Tacos salad, rice and bean
Thursday  -  Dinner out with friends
Shabbat - Challah, Salmon, rice, keem, broccoli


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