Not Your Mother's Flashcards

I recently purchased flashcards for both our Ivrit curriculum and our Chumash program.  I had been trying to work without them because I hated flashcards as a child and wanted to spare Froggy that. 

With her Ivrit Flashcards, we play a version of charades.  These cards disappointed me when they showed up.  They include only the word, no pictures as exist in the text. They are plain and boring.  I expected Froggy to hate them.  I have pulled out all the verbs for the first half of the book.  I place the cards Ivrit side up. We take turns reading the Ivrit and then acting out the verb for the other person to guess.  The actor can look at the English but tries not to.  The actor also has to use the verb in a complete Ivrit sentence.  Froggy  loves this game so much that she practically begs for it.  She wants to do it more than once a day.  It is also getting us using our limited Ivrit even outside of the game.  I call this a win/win. 

The Chumash Flashcards are helping as well.  They are newer and have not been time tested as thoroughly.  They are much fewer and likely to be used as heavily.  They are one tool among many in our basket.  Still it worked.  Froggy struggles mightily with Chumash.  It is clearly her least favorite of all our school tasks.  Yet when I pulled out the flashcards she became less reluctant.  I have not even cut them apart yet and they are already helping.

This boggles my mind.  It amazes me how times change and how much each child is an individual.


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