Phyllis Wheatley

Thanks to Almost Unschoolers, we have recently started watching Liberty Kids.  Froggy loves it.  She is fascinated with the characters and the history. She is struggling with the concept of slavery and the idea that the Revolutionary "heroes" she has heard about were not universally thought to be Tzaddikim.

We have also been introduced to Phyllis Wheatley.  Froggy was not sure if she was real or made up like Sarah Phillips (the main character) is.  I informed her that Phyllis Wheatley did infact live and we checked out some library books about her which even included some of her poetry. 

Froggy's favorite is Phillis's Big Test. Ms. Wheatley gained great fame but it did not come easily.


  1. I once knew a girl with the name Phyllis Wheatley. We, of course, had to read about the poet because everyone would ask her if she knew who Phyllis Wheatley was. Thanks for sharing your studies with us.

  2. My kids are asking that all the time because of that show too.

  3. Is there really a connection between Sarah Phillips and Phyllis Wheatley? I want to know whether Liberty's Kids is telling a true story or mixing up prominent characters in a way that is not accurate.


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