Shir La La

Right before break, our shul brought in Shir La La to do a fun musical holiday program with all the religious school students.  The older children did a drumming workshop and the  younger set had a blast singing and dancing with Shira. 
It was an amazingly interactive performance which truly engaged the young people in the Hanukkah story.

 Froggy danced with Rabbi Paskind
What do we say? We say Nay! (in response to Antiochus demanding the Jews worship idols)
Show me your muscles?  Are you as strong as a Macabee?  

The music was not the sickly sweet of so much children's music.  We have been listening to the Hanukkah disc all through the holiday and still enjoying it.


  1. So sweet! My friend posted on the TORCH list that her kids love the ShirLaLa chanukah CD. I excitedly listened to samples but it didn't sound like anything new to me. Perhaps I should re-listen and think about buying it for next year...
    Anyway, Chag Sameach!!!


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