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We have been reading tons of holiday books.  But it is not all holiday books.  We just finished a new chapter book, The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives.  It is the first in a series of at least nine books.  The premise of the series is that the Brother Grimm Fairy Tales are actually history rather than story.  Two sisters, Daphne and Sabrina are sent to live with Grandma after their parents disappear and learn they are descendents of this famous writing pair.  They also learn that the fairy tale creatures are real and living in their town except that none of them are how they appear in the fairy tales.  
Each book revolves around  a mystery the girls must solve with this characters.  In the first book, we meet Jack The Giant Killer.  He is the bad guy of the book (shh don't tell anyone who is going to read it). 
I liked the book as much as Froggy.  We got different things out of the book.  My favorite part was seeing her recognize the characters she knows in their Fairyport form.  It also showed me which of the classic tales she is not familiar with. 
We will certainly be reading more of this series.
After a long break from the Ingalls, we returned and have started On The Banks of Plum Creek.  The break did us a world of good and Froggy returned with renewed interest.  She has a different perspective.  We are only about 20% through the book but have already had some interesting discussions about responsibility and how times change.  Laura and Mary are left home alone while Ma and Pa go to town for the whole day.  Froggy said she would be too scared to do that.  But Laura was not scared. We talked about how in Indian Country she would have been though. 
I wanted to show her that while these books are fiction they are also historical.  We found this site which has been fun to look through and given Froggy a different take on the books


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