Whatcha Making Wednesdays - Stained Glass Cookies

Hanukkah is off to a great start at the Landing.  Yesterday was full of the final preparations, including making stained glass cookies to take to the Hanukkah party at the nursing home this morning.  It was a full family event. We used a recipe from Kosher by Designs Entertains.  It is more a butter cookie rather than a sugar cookie.  I am still looking for the perfect cut out cookie recipe.  I use coconut oil as the fat so the cookies are parve.  The dough is crumbly when you first start working with it but warms nicely as it is worked and needs no additional flour for rolling.
Froggy rolled out the dough and cut out the main cookies.  I cut out the windows after transferring to the parchment lined cookie sheets.

  We used lifesavers for the hard candies.  I much prefer Jolly Ranchers but could not find them this time. Froggy is getting so independent and wanted to unwrap the candies.  She tried and tried with coaching from both parents. Finally Abba ended up unwrapping them for her.  She did however smash them all up all by herself. 
Then she helped me fill the windows on the cookies.
They burn very easily.  The second batch was much better.  We took them out before they started to brown at all.


  1. Yummy.... they turned out great! Happy Hanukkah :-)Thank you so much for linking up to Whatcha Making Wednesdays!


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