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Today was a cold rainy day.  So instead of the planned outdoor activities, we took advantage of the day to get some holiday baking in. 

We made Holiday cut-out sugar cookies.  We used Almost Unschoolers recipe.  It did not turn out as well as my traditional recipe but it was easier for Froggy to handle. We made stars and dreidles and Chais.  Froggy tried to make hannukiot but the stands broke on every single one.
On an attempt not to over load on sugar, we also made banana muffins.  We used silcon molds so that they could be festive shapes as well.  Froggy asked for hannukiot as well but I sadly informed her that we did not have a mold for those so we could not make them.  The muffin starts turned out fantastic but the dreidles just ended up looking like pointy blobs.
While the muffins were baking, Froggy decorated our kitchen window with Gel Stickers.  This is the final touch of holiday decorating until we light the candles. 


  1. What a great post :-) Thank you so much for linking it to Whatcha Making Wednesdays!!! Have a great week!


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