Menu Planning for a new crew

I am trying to learn a whole new style of planning in so many phases of life right now.  Tiger is very very picky eater who is reluctant to even taste new things.  As well I now have at least two clamoring for breakfast before my feet hit the ground.  This is the biggest change for me who is used to having a solid couple of hours to get everything ready in the morning.

Sunday - B Baked Oatmeal  D Fish ala Jenn, rice, and mixed veggies
Monday - B Pancakes  D Chili, Chips and veggie sticks
Tuesday - Swim Night B scrambled eggs and Fruit  D Chicken Noodle Soup and Biscuits
Wednesday B Oatmeal D Pulled Chicken, tatortots, and peas
Thursday - Drama B toast with peanut butter D Pizza and Salad
Friday - B _____, D Challah, Pot roast , squash and broccoli, melted ice cream cake 
Saturday - B Yogurt and muffins,  Kiddush at Shul,


  1. Hey you! How's your life going? Haven't seen you in FB lately - would love to catch up!


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