Multiple Math

Today is the second day in a row we have done two batches of math rather than just one.  Froggy did not want to stop at the end of the first lesson and asked please can she continue.  Who am I to deny a child her learning opportunities. 

We use Singapore Math and it is strange to me how they introduce topics and how they define mastery. The topic that sparked Froggy is multiplication.  They use that term and use the multiplication sign.  Yet they do not teach skip counting or tables or any kind of memorization.  It is all about understanding the process. 

I keep stressing over the fact that Froggy unlike some of her friends does not have all her basic math facts memorized.  When she is focused though she can easily do all her problems about as quickly as the friends who have them memorized. 

So I figure that as long as she is enjoying math and getting the idea who cares about memorization.


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