New Cast Members

There are some big changes taking place at the Landing.  We are welcoming some new members to our crew.  We will now be a mixed school away and school at home family. 

The first is Tiger, a active fun loving little boy of three.  He is a Train enthusiast and SpongeBob fan. His big goal for this school year is moving into big boy underwear and learning his letters

Next is Bella a little princess of 21 months.  She is a tiny tiny slip of a girl who does not yet speak but still manages to share her sparkling wit clearly.  She loves puzzles and exploring but still likes to be worn and snuggle as well. Her  big goal for this year is learning to talk.  She has a couple of words already.

The final new member is Munchkin, a bouncy baby girl of four months.  Her big goal for this year is learning who her family is and how her body works.

With three new crew members, I foresee lots of schedule changes and lots of chaos as we all learn about each other and how to work together.  I hope to chronicle our learning journey here but the most important part is surviving it.


  1. Congratulations again! I am sure you will handle this brillantly. For the 21 month old, I highly recommend giving her sign language. Having multiple ways to communicate can free their brains to start putting words together without stress.


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