Painted Bags

We painted with shaving cream today.   We had tons of fun and the school room still smells like shaving cream.  We painted the bags we will fill for our Mishlach Manot.   Froggy picked four sparkly paints; red, gold, purple and blue.  I filled a tray with shaving cream and then we swirled the colors in it.  Then we laid the bags carefully down and viola.  Painted bags.

I got the idea from Little Wonders.  She uses it with her crew frequently.  Here she gives great step by step directions on how to do it.  Unfortunately I did not have these directions while we were actually doing the project. Without the directions, I missed a step.  We did not squeegee our bags.  I am not sure what kind of difference that will make. 
Here is our bag collection drying.    I think the colors would be more vivid if we had sqeegeed.  It was so  much fun though.  I am sure we will do it again for other occasions.


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