We Play - Zombie Barf

Froggy's cousin, DaBean, came over for the day.  It was such a joy having him spend the day.  He is the only child other than Froggy who makes me laugh by just being himself.

Even children who play well and creatively together sometimes need a focus for their play.  So we made Zombie Barf.  DaBean had been gifted with a Zombie Lab for the winter holiday.  :He had already tried some of the experiments but not the Zombie Barf.

Rule #1 of Parenthood to remember - Kids like Gross.

They were so excited just from the word "barf."  I insisted we take the activity outside not so much as a concern about mess but because it was too beautiful a day to be trapped inside.

One of the neighbor girls joined us and everyone took turns creating the barf.
This is the Zombie that comes with the kit.
And this is Zombie Barf.  It was very authentic with gelatinous bits and a different color liquid.
And since it is supposed to be candy.  Each of the kids took a taste.  Froggy was very reluctant but gave in to the peer pressure.  All decreed it gross but did so with giggles.  It eventually got poured in the road where they had fun watching cars drive over it. 


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