It is all about the People

I haven't posted much about our reading selections but we have been doing lots of fun reading.  In addition to our fun Purim books, we have been exploring the lives of others.
Froggy  made an off-hand comment about nobody being able to be blind and deaf at the same time. So ofcourse we had to talk about Helen Keller.  Froggy is captivated by her life.  We got a A Picture Book of Helen Keller. It was a good introduction but not enough so we also got Helen Keller, Toward the Light It presented a slightly more indepth view showing more of Helen Keller's personality.  Her interest was not quenched so she started a new biography about Louse Braille.  I am sure we will hear more about it as she delves further in.

We have also been listening to Heidi.  I never read Heidi as a child or even as a young adult.  I am not sure how I missed it but I did.  It was a bit hard to get into at the very beginning but by about one third of the way through when Heidi left the mountain and it sounded like the story was ending both Froggy and I were very disappointed and then very relieved to find the story continue in Germany. Heidi is one of the reasons I love Ambleside as a guide in our curriculum choice.  Unlike many of the books I would pick if left out on my own, Heidi has provoked many great conversations.  There have been many religious conversations, about the nature of T'shuva (repentance) as well as about prayer and how G-d answers our prayers on His schedule not ours  It has also brought some great history and geography lessons about Switzerland and Germany as we looked up "the Mountain".  Froggy wanted to know how Heidi could end up so quickly in another country with Clara.  So we looked at the map and talked about scale and distance.  Growing up in such a large country can bring an expectation that countries by their nature are large.  I routinely try to combat this assumption but for some reason it is still there.

There have been more I am sure.  But these are the big important ones I wanted to remember. 
I am linking to All Things Bright and Beautiful and Mouse Grows And Learns.


  1. We tried Heidi here, but Anna couldn't get into it. Maybe it will be better when she is older. I didn't read a book but it's one of my German husband's childhood favorites. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  2. These are some great selections. Love to hear more about your geography connections to Heidi!


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