Itchy Feet

It is still February but the weather has felt like spring and I got a case of the itchy feet.  So we invited some friends and explored some new ground.  We visited Great Falls.  Despite being in the area for many years even before Froggy was born, we had never been to the falls before.
 The girls were thrilled to see each other and eagerly headed off down the trail. 

 Keeping them still long enough for a picture took some work on the part of the mommies.
 Besides enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine, a great deal of learning occured for all parties.  We learned about sink holes.
And the girls then climbed up and put themselves in the sinkhole.

After we turned around and were walking along the canal rather than the river proper, we heard a great noise which needed investigating.  The first guess put forth was that it was geese.  I said no way and insisted we explore.   It was a major invasions of frogs who also had decided it was spring and time for mating.

 The canal was full of them.  Every ripple on the water was a frog moving.  Hopefully you can see and hear a bit of them.
 We also visited the locks that were used to transport goods past the falls.  It helped Froggy get a sense of the magnitude of them. (After the hike we saw a display which explained how the locks worked)
This is the view from my personal favorite of the 3 overlooks.  I think it best shows the majesty of the Falls. 
The girls seemed taken with it as well. 


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