Menu Planning Monday - 25 Adar 5772

Last Week's menu was pretty much a disaster due to a deal of last minute changes to the schedule.  There were a couple of huge wins from Shabbat.  The Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake and the gefilte fish were both huge wins.  The gefilte fish is going on our Pesach Menu for sure. 

I hope this week's menu works better.  I have lots of meetings this week so the menu is a simple as possible with new experiments only for Shabbat.

Monday - Sloppy Joes, Green beans, tator tots
Tuesday - Fish Ala Jenn, Rice and Spinach Salad with this dressing.
Wednesday -  Chicken Pot Pie and peas
Thursday - Out
Friday - Challah, Wonton Soup, Sweet Salmon, Rice, Keem, Broccoli, Little Lemon Souffles.


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