The Shrinking Egg

We used our incredible shelless egg and shrunk it.
Our egg is a little bigger than a regular egg.  We placed it in our mason jar and covered it with corn syrup. For children used to pouring water and their drinks they were shocked at the thickness of the corn syrup I asked the kids what they thought would happen and they really had no idea.
 We left it in there for about 48 hours and then took it out and examined it.  Froggy's immediate comment was that it is "not fat anymore"
You can see in this shot how loose the membrane is around the egg.  Froggy was fascinated.  We talked about where all the stuff went.  I explained that the only thing that left was the water.  We talked about osmosis and  selectively permeable membrane.  I explained that only the small water molecules can pass through the membrane and the larger organic molecules stay behind inside the egg. This website has a great explanation. 


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