St Patricks Day

We do not celebrate any of the Saint Days but her friends do. They learn about our holidays so it is only fair she learn about theirs. 

Froggy asked what St. Patrick's Day celebrated and I showed just how little I know of the holiday.  The only answer I had was that it celebrates being Irish.  So we learned together.  We focused more Ireland and its culture than on the religious aspects

We got St. Patrick's Day from the library.  It tells the story of Maewyn of Ireland and how he became known as St. Patrick.  I was not thrilled with having to explain what a saint is but I did it.

One of the teachers brought her bagpipes to learning club to share with all the children
They were positively captivated.  Several wanted a turn playing and were quite disappointed they could not play too. 
Here is a clip of her playing.


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