Summer Dresses

One of the unfortunate consequences of the unseasonably warm weather we have been having is that I really need to work on a summer wardrobe for Froggy in the midst of all our Pesach prep.  She finally has four spring / summer dresses.  It is not a full wardrobe but it is a start.  The rest will need to wait until next week as I need to put the sewing machine away and get ready for Shabbat 
 I made her three tshirt dresses.  These dresses are fast and very inexpensive for me to make since I use the tshirts Grandma gives us and fabric from my stash.  Each dress is different.  Only the red dress has ties.  The Pooh Bear dress has an elastic waist and the blue dress uses a very fitted shirt so needed nothing else to gather it.
 This is my favorite of the new dresses.  It is from the same pattern I used last year.  I did not even cut a new size. I just lengthen the skirt.  I love that the dress is more fitted and flows more smoothly than her tshirt dresses.  Unfortunately it also takes at least twice as long as the tshirt dresses so  I cannot make a full wardrobe in this pattern.  As well Froggy really likes the t-shirt dresses because she is more independent in them.  The zipper in the back of this dress means she needs help changing.
Here is a close up of the bees flying across the middle.  There is supposed to be a honey pot in the bow but the honey pot in our set was broken so that will have to wait till we get to the store for a replacement.


  1. Michelle, those are THE cutest dresses!! Thank you for sharing!


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