• Sunday - Pizza and Salad
  • Monday - Dinner out for Us (Meal to new mom - CrockPot Chicken Curry) Set beans to soak
  • Tuesday -  Bean Soup and Ezekial Bread (it looks strange but my friend says it is yummy so we will try it)
  • Wednesday - Sloppy Joes - Using leftover Pot Roast from Shabbos.
  • Vegan Vursday (yes I am trying to get back to more vegan meals) - Kasha Varnishka and Salad (note Make salad dressing) Set chicken to marinade
  • Shabbat - Aunt Adrian - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Roast Chicken, Cauliflower and squash, rice (if I am feeling adventurous it will be this. I really like this recipe but it is a bit fussy for Shabbat  If not it will just be a wild rice blend.) and chocolate cherry cheesecake (parve) for dessert.  This dessert is a perfect choice because it needs to be made in advance.


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