Cattails and Starlings

On our nature hike today, we noticed a patch of fluff on the path.  Froggy was fascinated and curious as to its origin.  I pointed to the old mostly dead cattails just out in the marsh.  She quickly made the connection that it was the fluff or seed pods to the cattails she was familiar with.  We took a moment to examine the texture before pocketing a bit to bring home and examine with the magnify lens. We were also blessed to see some of the fluff taking root and beginning to grow right at the water's edge.  Sure made me wish I had brought the camera.

We also saw a new bird on our walk and Froggy asked me if it was a Longbill because she knows he likes to live near marshes.  We had just read about Longbills in our Burgess book.  It was a starling instead.  We get to meet him a couple of chapters from now. 
Once home we examined our Cattail seeds and looked up some more information online.  We both were fascinated to learn that they are edible.  Froggy wanted to go right back out and pick some for our salad this evening. 


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