Conquering Battles

Sometimes, as with everything in parenting, schoolwork becomes a battle.  Froggy just is not in the mood to do as she is asked on that given day.  Most days the battles are non existent or minor. But for awhile we had been having big battles every day regarding Math.  Finally I accidentally stumbled on a solution. 

Moving Math

Some exercises have simpler problems yet more of them.  These days seem to be the hardest for Froggy.  So we decided to get up and get moving.  It does not matter the activity.  We have done our Shabbos cleaning while working problems.  We have practiced bike riding while working problems. We have even just marched.  As long as she is using her mind and body at the same time. 

I wish I could find such a simple answer to all the moments of conflict in our reality.


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