Dolly's Dress

High on our success from last week, Froggy started her next handwork project.  This is a much larger project likely to take several weeks to complete.  She is making a dress for her doll.  All by herself.

First we chose the fabric.  Froggy has been doing this with me for ages as I sew her clothes but it had a special feeling knowing it was her project.  She had so much fun rummaging through my stash and putting things together.
Then we laid out the pattern.  I showed her how to pin the patter to the fabric and make it smooth.  Then she cut it out.  She had a really hard time cutting it at first. So I took over to see if perhaps her scissors were not up to the task.   But they worked fine.  So we tested and tested to find a way for her to do it.  And she did it 
. She was so proud of herself when the piece was finally all cut out.
Next came actually sewing the pieces together.  I showed her how to pin the two pieces together and then drew a stitching line for her.  I showed her how to "take small bites" of the fabric.  Then she took her turn.
She worked hard in her first pass and got about half up the first seam.  We will come back to the project in bits and pieces.  


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