The End of an Era

Today we watched shuttle Discovery fly to its new home at Udvar-Hazy.  We got to see it ass over piggy-backed on its jet three separate times.   I am glad it flew over three separate times because the first time Froggy did not understand exactly what she was seeing. We moved closer to the path for the second pass (when I got this picture) and she got to see it better.  The third pass was icing on the cake that she got to share with another local homeschool family that came out to see it.

I have so many memories associated with the shuttle program that it was important for me to share this final moment with Froggy.  While she will get to see it again, it will be on the ground.  It is important for her to know that it really did fly.  Once while visiting my mom, we blessed to chance upon it taking up from Cape Canaveral and she got to witness that but she was too young to remember. 


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