Our Seders

I was so proud of Froggy this year.  First seder this year was at our house.  Ms. Gerrari joined us. It was a a fun mishmashed seder.  We used a new haggadah, We Tell It To Our Children, for the first time.  It is written as a play. The main problem with it is that it rearranges the order of the seder (which I am not ok with).  My job for this Chol HaMoed is to go through it along with our traditional haggadah and write an insert for the new one with the proper order and page numbers.  Froggy sang the four questions for us.  She did it for the first time last year so it was not brand new but it was great to see her improvement this year.  We sang more songs this year than ever before.  I love to sing but am terrible at leading so it is a problem.  This new haggadah uses American Folk tunes with new words to tell the story so Abba was able to lead us in those songs.  As well, Ms. Gerrari led us in some of her traditional tunes. 

For second seder, we went to Rabbi Paskind's house. Since candlelighting wasnot until 8:20 we knew it would be a long evening.  We tried to have Froggy take a nap in the afternoon.  No Joy.  She rested and read but did not sleep.  We headed over with excitement but trepidation. There were two other families there as well.  The first was a young couple who both grew up in the Ukraine but met and married after they emigrated to Israel.  The second was a family with teenage boys and a mom who recently immigrated from Yemen.  With guests from so many different places, we got to hear different languages and share different traditions.  Froggy held up great.  Her behavior was amazing and I was so so proud of her.  She sang the Four Questions in a big voice with no stagefright.  She lasted out the whole seder even singing the zimrot at the end of the seder.


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