Froggy made a Potholder!!! This is her first real handiwork project ever.  She received a similar potholder from her cousin for the Winter holidays.  I told her she could make them as well.  Well it has taken her this long to be willing to try.
This is an upclose view

I was very proud of her because she did the entire project, from setting up the loom through the weaving to the finishing completely by herself with only a demonstration of each step from me.  It took her about 2 hours of work over 3 days to finish.  The first day she worked on making the loom and starting the weaving.  The second day she finished the last bit of weaving and started finishing it off.  This step was much harder than anything else for her.  She did not want to continue.  She came back the next day and with much struggling finished.


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