Science in the Schools

Froggy and I attended Family Science Night at our local elementary school. This program is put on by the Children's Science Center.  I first encountered them about two year ago and have been volunteering with them ever since because I believe so strongly in their mission. In their words,
"Museum Without Walls "Mobile Labs" Family Science Nights are two-hour evening programs designed for parents to self-guide their students through a series of science lab experiments that can easily be replicated at home for further learning and enrichment. Schools are asked to provide volunteers at each station for assistance. The Children's Science Center provides all supplies and equipment for up to two exhibits and ten activities for hands-on science learning.
When Froggy was informed of the event, she insisted on coming and being my helper for the event rather than going out to eat at her favorite restaurant and only attending later as a participant. It does a Momma's heart good to see a child make those kinds of choices. 

Froggy's favorite activity was "Engineer a Lunar Lander"  The purpose of the activity is to investigate the force of impact and how shock absorbers work.  The children create a "Lunar Lander" from basic household materials.  They then launch their Lander and see how the "cargo" fares. She was so proud that her marshmallows did not even spill let alone get bruised.
I did an activity on the density of salt water when compared with fresh water.   This is the activity we first saw with CSC.  During the demo we actually float fresh water on top of salt water.  Many of the children who came through were very surprised to see that salt water could do that. It was tons of fun. 

I did not get to experience the other activities with Froggy.  She made a fossil and maybe visited one other activity but even she did not get to do half of that which was offered. 


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