Fairy Festival

One of our early summer traditions is a trip to the Fairy Festival.  It is always a fun day of make believe and pretend.  We get dressed up in costumes and play. Usually we attend many performances during the day.  This year we just wandered and visited mostly.
 Froggy's first stop was the baby goats.  They were about 4 weeks old.  Several sets of twins.  She loved playing with them.  She pet them and giggled when they nibbled her dress.  She stayed with them for ages as other families came in and left again.  I got to listen to a folk group perform while she visited so I was happy as well.
 Next stop was face painting.  Froggy chose a beautiful mask design and selected colors specifically to complement her costume.  For a child who rarely has any interest in choosing clothing or colors, she makes beautiful selections when she does do it.
 Finally it was time to dance the May Pole.  This is the most important event of the day according to Froggy. 
 First they went around all together in the same direction. 
Then they went in opposite directions "weaving" the Maypole. 
This is what a Maypole should look like when it properly"woven".
Next came the Fairy Fashion show.  All guest who come in costume are invited to participate.  There is an amazing array of costume and ages.  I wish the sun had not been directly behind the stage.  Nothing I did with the camera prevented the contestants anything but black blobs.
Finally onto a pony ride.  This "pony" was a full size Albino horse.  One of the children asked why he is blindfolded.  He is wearing a full mask which helps shade his eyes from the Sun and help him see better.
The final stop was to visit the Fairy queen and her pet "unicorn".  Her hooves are painted silver and the horn is tied on but Froggy still loves her.


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