Menu Planning Monday 15 Iyar

First the review -  the goulash was amazing.  I need to back down a bit on the paprika to make it edible for the rest of the family but the flavor combinations are fantastic.  The bourbon chicken was a lose.  I thought it was ok but not fantastic and no one else would even eat it.  I ended up making Strawberry Lemon Parfaits for Shabbos dessert.  It was a lot of work and fiddly but a beautiful presentation and wonderful flavor well worth the effort. 

Monday -Pasta with pomodoro sauce, Salad and garlic bread

Tuesday - Tofu Stirfry, rice and keem
Wednesday - Picnic dinner in the park - bread and jam, cold chicken,  carrots and hummus, grapes and apples, cookies
Thursday - Leftover Buffet
I am still working on our Shabbos menu.  We are meeting another family for a Shabbaton in the woods.  which means I need to prepare a portable mostly precooked meal.


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