Proof of Progress

Froggy took her year end test yesterday.  This is the first time Froggy has taken any kind of examination at all.  None of our curriculia use examinations as an assessment mechanism. 

The mom who organizes Learning Club offered to test all the First Graders together with each of the other moms taking a different age group on a special fieldtrip.  After much debate and prayer, we decided to let Froggy participate.  I was terrified.  I was not worried about the material of the test but the social conventions of testing.  I was worried about Froggy zoning out or chosing not to participate.  I was worried about her disrupting the other test takers.  I was just worried and worried and worried.

And I had no reason to be at all.  Froggy made me so proud.  She was polite and cooperative.  She focused on the test when it was time.  She waited quietly and patiently between sections for the other children to finish.  She did fantastic.  Now all the formalities have been met. 


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