We are camping for Shabbos.  We will arrive late afternoon which will give us tons of time at the camp site to get ready for Shabbos.  Froggy is looking forward to gathering wildflowers for our Shabbos table. She is in charge of beautification.

Here is the menu

Friday Dinner
Challah - made at home in the morning
Gefilte Fish Loaf
Minestrone Soup - made at home and reheated on site.
Teryaki Steak - marinating since Wednesday night.  Abba will grill it up on site as the last thing.
Corn on the cob - it stays nice and warm for a long time when you grill it in the husk.
Sauted Green beans
m&M cookies
Peanut Butter Cupcakes

 Kiddush - I am not in charge - woohoo

Saturday Dinner - Special for the littles
Spider Dogs - these taste fine if cooked ahead and allowed to come to room temp.
Black Bean Salad
Roasted Marshallows after Havdalah.


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