Shavuot comes right on the heels of Shabbat this week.  While I am doing the extra cooking and preparing for the three days of  festivities (Shabbat, YomTov, YomTov) that this entails, Froggy has been preparing as well. Lots of the things we are doing this year are repeats but Froggy does not remember doing them so obviously she can still learn from them. 

She has been reading some fun Shavuot stories. The best of the bunch are  A Mountain of Blintzes and Who Knows Ten.  The latter is new to us this year and probably a bit young for Froggy but good specifically because it is new.

 We are also did lots of crafting.  I don't do enough crafting with Froggy and the holidays give it a purpose.  She loves the crafting and it is hands on learning that she does not even consider learning.We made a mini play Torah for Froggy.  She did all the work herself.  After the holiday we will make a cover for it (assuming I can figure out how)

We made origami Ten Commandments.
This one is mine
The Babushka makes her own paper but we used scrapbooking paper for ease.
This one is Froggy's

this is not the one I made her but ours looked just as cute
I put edible Torahs in Froggy's lunch for Friday.  It made her smile


  1. I love the edible Torahs!

    Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)


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