Some old friends and Some new friends

It has been a pleasure this week to have an almost complete absence of Rainbow Fairies.

At our weekly trip to the library, I talked with the librarian about some new series for Froggy.   Ambleside helps us find quality literature and stories we love but not fun books that Froggy will read on her own.

Froggy's new best friend is Thea Stilton.  She is Geronimo Stilton's sister.  Despite giving her name to the series, she does not actually go on the adventures.  Five young mouseling girls who admire her create a club and call it, The Thea Sisters.  Their adventures are a bit more travel based rather than school based which is perfect for a homeschooled little girl.  Each book goes to some new location and has a mystery to solve.  Sometimes the place are real, like Paris, and sometimes they are in Mouseland.  We checked out two of the books and will certainly be getting more when we go back.

We also picked up Kristen Saves The Day.  Froggy had a phase awhile ago where she loved the American Girl books but then for no apparent reason started rejecting them.  I picked one at random and Froggy enjoyed it.  I home this means she is willing to return to the rest of the series.  But I also expect that it does not.

We also picked up some picture books that were in the juvenile section rather than the easy reader section.  These were tremendous wins.  I did not even realize there were picture books in this section.  They are longer stories  Her absolute favorite is Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare.  It is an autobiographical story about a brother and sister finding their respect for each other.  The inside covers include real photographs of the brother and sister next to the artistic sketches.


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