Swim Team

Last night was the first practice for Froggy's new swim team. This is officially her third year doing swim team but I think it is probably the first year in which she has a chance of actually being competitive.

There were a ridiculous number of children present, particularly surprising were the number of 5 and 6 yr olds. On Froggy's old team, there were less than a handful.  Here there at least a dozen maybe more and all of them are capable.

The head coach of the new team is a man which threw Froggy for a bit of a loop but he is great with the kids.  He is a 3rd grade teacher by trade and only coaches as a summer bonus.
Coach welcoming all new Marlins and explaining that the first few practices will be different than normal as everyone gets to know everyone else. 
Froggy lined up to show off her stuff
 Showing off her backstroke
Coach regathered all the kids at the end and thanked them for a great first day.


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