Blueberries and Battlefields

We went on our annual blueberry picking fieldtrip to Eagletree Farm.  I like this place in particular because they do not spray the berries.  They have a machine to scare of birds and use other techniques like that to keep pests away
This year, E. joined us.  It was his first time ever picking any kind of berry.   
 He was so focused on picking. He picked the entire contents he is holding all by himself.  While Froggy and I picked ours together.  Froggy does not like picking very much but she loves coming on these field trips.  She looks forward to the day, has a blast when we are there and asks to go back. She just does not actually pick berries.
 When Froggy was ready to leave ( after about an hour and a half ) but E was still picking, I suggest she go on a Fairy hunt.  This adventure became the over arching theme for the rest of the day as they collected bits of nature and wove grass beds for the fairies.

We had planned to have a picnic lunch at the berry field but the lack of restroom made that impossible.(we passed it on the road as we were leaving).  So we looked for a park on the drive home.  And we ended up at Balls Bluff Battlefield.  And thus began our impromtu lesson on the Civil War.   The park had an interpretive trail which we took. 
 We visited the cemetery.  E's mom's one request was that if we talking about war that I emphasize the loss involved. 
 And read lots of signs introducing us to several of the commanders on both sides of the battle. Given that the Confederacy won this battle, much of our discussion revolved around the difference between a battle and a war.  We talked alot about slavery and what made the Confederacy believe they were doing something right or important. I did not lead the conversation at all.  I read only the signs I was requested to read and answered questions. 
 Out in the woods though, everything is a nature hike.
They found a fallen tree with a hole in the center that needed investigating to see who had made their home there. 
 Then we wandered down to the shore of the Potomac.  The river itself did not seem to attract much attention but the sqishy mud at the bank provided tremendous fascination.


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