Fruit Tortilla Cups

Froggy picked Fruit cups as her cooking experiment this week.  It was a lesson in knife skills more than anything else.
 Froggy started with reading the directions and gathering her materials and ingredients.  I am trying to teach good habits as much as techniques. 
 We modified the recipe a  bit and I explained to Froggy why.  We used olive oil instead of PAM
 Then came the cinnamon sugar.  This showed why it is important to read the recipe thoroughly first.  The recipe said "sprinkle with cinnamon sugar."  Froggy asked how much.  The recipe did not say.  So she had to thin about all the places it was used and deduce how much to use for each side.
 Folding it into the muffin tins was tricky but we got it to work.  Froggy set the oven temp but I put them in.
 Then it came time for the lesson in knife skills.  This is Froggy's first time using a 'sharp' knife.  She cut the grapes in half.  We talked about keeping fingers back and watching the tip of the knife and I poked her every time the fingers drifted back in.
 She also got to cu the banana slices.  I cut the strawberries for speed sake only.
 Add the yogurt and mix it all together
  Fill the cups and enjoy. 


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