Goodbye Daisies

With the end of the school year also came the end of Daisies.   I am not the least bit sad because instead of saying goodbye as many Bridgings are, this one is more about welcoming. 
Most of the girls will be continuing on with the troop.  We welcome a new coleader, Mrs. B.  She organized a craft for the day.
Here is the sample one she made.  A Daisy petal with a picture of each girl in the center.  Each girl made a full bouquet with a reminder picture of each girl.

The girls had tons of fun cutting and pasting and showing each other their progress.

Then we moved outside for the ceremony portion of our day.  The Daisies recited the Girl Scout Promise and received their membership pin.  This year the pin is extra special because of the 100th anniversary so they received a commemorative backing as well as their regular pin.
Then it was time to make some Brownies.  Our pool was a going to be a mirror alone and then it became a mirror in the pool  I "twisted and turned them" until the saw the "elf"  Every single one of them turned shy as soon as she was in the spotlight.
But they all glowed in their new vests when they returned to the group
And what better way to end anything than with Icecream.


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