Froggy used to bake with me lots when she was a toddler.  As she got older, and more independent, that fell by the wayside.  We are working on correcting that.
Today she made Meringue Surprise Kisses from the Kosher By Design Kids cookbook.  She did it all by herself. The book was a gift from Auntie Lisa.  It is specifically written so that children can do it on their own.
 Reading the recipe to get ready.  It really helped her to have the complete picture in her head before starting.
 Laying out all the supplies and ingredients
 Trying to tear the parchment paper.
Pouring in the egg whites.  These were all ready separated, leftover from our Shavout ice cream making.
Adding the cornstarch. She did level the teaspoon before dumping it in.
Watching the clock, waiting for the whites to form their "stiff peaks"
 Preparing the bag for the whipped whites.  This step was a perfect example of bad directions.  She did exactly what was written in the book and end up with the top of the closed bag rolled over in the form of a cuff.
 Filling the pastry bag with the meringue mixture.
And creating the meringues.  This was the trickiest part.  I did a couple to show her.  Then we did a couple hand over hand then I turned her loose.  Then we added the surprise,  a chocolate kiss,  and a bit more meringue on top to hide the surprise.

Then we went off and played while they baked for two whole hours.  Froggy was shocked it took that long.  Froggy yummed hers up as a pre-dinner treat.


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