Parsha Naso and Samson

In this week's Parsha, we are introduced to the Nazir.  We talked about what it means to make a vow and how important it is to keep a vow once it is made. We also read the story of Samson emphasizing what happens when a vow is broken. The story of Samson is a bit different since not only did he not choose to make the vow for himself but he also did not willingly break the vow. Still it emphasizes how serious the consequences are.

Our Parsha book also includes a story about Queen Helena who choose to become Nazira for seven years but actually ends up being Nazira for 21 years because of technicalities which invalidate her first two attempts.  This story made quite an impression on Froggy.
This is the priestly blessing at the Kotel.

The parsha also includes the Priestly blessing which we had just heard in Shul on Shavuot.  It was heart-warming to watch Froggy recall that moment and make the connection with the Torah and why we do it.  This is the only time that we ever "hide" during services and it makes quite an impression.


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