Menu Planning Monday - 26 Tammuz

 The Review - We never got around to trying the Chicken Caccitore.   Froggy loved the cookies which was a total shock to me.  I did not care for them very much but that could very easily be my funny pregnant tastebuds. The Roasted Veggie soup was not a big hit.  We did it as a soup course rather than a meal.  It would be much be as a meal served over rice and with a touch of Parmesan.

Sunday - Dinner on the road home

Monday -Dinner at Aunt Petal's
Tuesday - Pizza and Salad
Wednesday -  Final Swim Meet  - Picnic at the pool
Thursday - Tacos, rice and black beans
Shabbat -  Asian themed Shabbat - Veggie Egg Rolls, Miso Soup, Salad (I need to find a fun recipe) Maple Glazed Salmon, rice, Sesame green beans, Swiss cake roll


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