I have a beautiful photo of my mom alone that I wish I could share but have yet to scan it.

Today is my mother's third Yahrziet.  This year is particularly bittersweet.  There is so much I want to share with her.  So many questions I want to ask her and things I want to tell her.  But the new baby growing inside will be named for her so that helps lots.  When my mom passed, one of the things that made it extra extra sad was thinking that there would never be a grand child born to be named after her. Knowing that now there will be makes commemorating this Yahrziet a bit easier.

Froggy has some memories of my mom but I think most of them are stories. We try hard to share the stories with her so she at least that much.  Hopefully she will help share them with Baby O someday the way her cousin shares her special childhood memories.


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