stART - Tour De France

This year, quite possibly Froggy's last at Stories in Art, takes the children on a virtual tour through France. We took Froggy's friend E with us.  It was his very first time visiting the museum let alone participating in the program.  It was fun to see Froggy play tour guide and walk him through the program.  Much of the time when these two are together, he is the leader choosing and guiding the activities.  
The first stop on the virtual tour, was Paris and Renoir.  Froggy's group got to view the painting first.  The painting in the spotlight is Pont Neuf, Paris.  We learned that Edmond, Renoir's brother, appears twice in the painting with his same straw hat and cane.  Edmond helped Renoir with the painting by engaging passersby in conversation so that they would pause for longer and make a better subject.

After viewing the painting, we enjoyed The Cows Are Going To Paris.  In this story, the cows get tired of their Florida pasture and decide to tour Paris.  They visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.  Froggy thought it was wonderful that the cows go to an Art Museum just like we did.
Finally the children were able to make their own works of art.  They got to paint a landscape of the Eiffel Tower.  They only painted the background using special paint that looked like Vaseline.  There was no color to the paints in the tubs only a color sticker on the lid.  The color only showed up when the paints were applied to the special paper.  But unlike Color Wonders which provide no feedback at all before color appears, the paint has a very unique texture and dries slowly so you can even mix colors.  Unfortunately it stays tacky even after it dries so a piece of paper that touched Froggy's painting many many hours later stuck to it and left the mark you see.
When both children were done making their art, we went over to the Sculpture Garden for our picnic.   The children dipped their feet in the fountain after eating and then we visited some of the sculptures.  The Spider was the hit of the day.


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