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Froggy has been enjoying her new series.  Not only is Thea Stilton a fast friend now, but Geronimo Stilton is also a great friend.  She checked out four different ones on the last trip to the library and that is only because I did not let her get more.  These books are complete twaddle and the reading level is not up to her ability but she loves them anyway.
We just finished Once Upon A Crime, the fourth book in the Sisters Grimm series.  It is just as delightful as the first three.  It is so fun to see the girls meet their fairy tale favorites "in person" and see how different they are from their stories. 

We are now listening to Pinocchio.  Froggy keeps saying over and over "that's not right"  and I have to keep telling her it is right because this is the original.  It is Disney who got it wrong.
Thanks to Auntie Fawn, we have renewed our interest in American Girl.  Froggy played with her two dolls, Samantha and Kit, while visiting.  So we checked out Meet Samantha and Meet Kit on our latest trip to the library.

I found a great blog entry about books with strong female characters for children.  From the list I have picked a couple of new books that sound perfect for Froggy, The Ordinary Princess, Pippi LongStocking, and Harriet The Spy.


  1. Thanks for the link to the blog post - I love giving Anna books with strong female leads. Did you read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon? It's very good in this regard. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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