Baby Cheetahs

We are members of the National Zoo as well as the local(ish) Science Museum.  We like to support our local resources in order to encourage them to continue.  The most useful benefit we receive from our zoo membership is free parking. They also offer special member only classes and exhibits which we tend not to take sufficient advantage of.
This time we did.  Froggy and I went to the special advance showing of the brand new three month old baby cheetahs.  It was wonderful  They are so adorable.  
 They are being hand-raised by their keepers because mom abandoned them at birth.  Despite bottle feeding and the necessary touching and contact hand-raising entails, the keepers are really doing their very best to give the cubs as little human contact as possible .  The keeper who was out in the enclosure with them during their entire one hour exhibition played "statue" and ignored them whenever them tried to engage him.
The cubs, a brother and sister, chased each other and pounced each other and snuggled each other at great length much to the audience's delight.


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