Changing Plans

There are times when Froggy's lack of serious emotional investment in oh just about anything is a serious plus. 

We had to cut our beach vacation super short and return home very unexpectedly due to problems with the pregnancy.  Froggy made one comment to Abba about being disappointed then bucked up and rolled with the punches.

We are in the process of totally changing how life is handled here and she is adapting very well.  She has lots more responsibilities because suddenly I have lots more limitations on what I can do. 

I have to literally lie down for 2 hours in the middle of the day whether I sleep or not.  I am not allowed any unnecessary walking or stairs. I cannot lift anything over 5 lbs.  All these together make for a very different life for Froggy who is used to Ima scooping her up for random hugs and chasing her up and down the stairs and going on hikes with her and the dogs.

When she asks why or grumps, I remind her about our middle of the night adventure to the emergency room and how much she prefers this to an Ima stuck in the hospital for weeks on end which is our alternative and likely eventual situation.


  1. Oh dear. Best of luck for as little upheaval as possible on the way to the new baby. I have your old house in my mind's eye; hopefully the stairs thing isn't as much of a problem in the new one as I'd imagine it would have been there.


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