Fall Schedule

Our new school year looks like lots of fun if I can just get organized.  There is lots more going on which makes it even more important to be organized.

Here are the things we will be doing on a daily basis.  Between our morning work and our afternoon outings I need to lie down for an hour.  I may do a telling back during that time.  I also need to lie down for an hour after our afternoon outing and before dinner.
  • Ivrit 
  • Parsha
  • Chumash
  • Math
  • Copywork / Dictation /Spelling
  • "Telling Back"  - This is where our Ambleside Readings occur.  This year several days will require two readings.
And this is our weekly schedule
Monday - Swim Lessons
Tuesday - Park Day / Hebrew School
Wednesday - PE Class in the morning / Handwork in the afternoon
Thursday - 4H or a playdate
Friday - Park Day / Shabbat Prep


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