Finishing Up Math

We are struggling to finish up our math for the year.  We use Singapore Math and are completing level 2.  We chose Singapore because unlike many children Froggy finds manipulatives a distraction rather than a help.  We are pleased with the program and will be continuing with Level 3 in the Fall.

We have two exercises left.  Unfortunately that does not mean we will be done in two days.  I am hoping we will be done in two weeks. Generally we do one lesson per day.  Sometimes if the lessons are particularly easy or fun we will do two lessons in a day.  Other times, we will split a lesson into two days.  Reviews are always split.  These last two lessons are reviews and take thirteen pages. Most exercises are between one and three.  Also as soon as Froggy sees that any exercise is a review she immediately balks at the exercise.  I have yet to figure out why but she is emphatic that reviews are awful.  She has no difficulty with the actual work asked of her but the name raises her hackles and thus makes the exercise hard.


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