Homeschool Success Story

A huge motivate in our decision to homeschool was my belief that one of the major things that our schools teach children is that learning and school are yucky rather than fun.  Almost all Kindergarteners go in loving to learn and a huge percentage of children leaving Elementary school no longer like school at all.  One of our major goals was to ensure that Froggy always loved learning.

Last night I got confirmation that this is working even after switching to a much more formal structured curriculum.   We returned home after a full day of activities with one more piece of school left to do for the day.  Froggy requested a particular reading.  She is usually allowed to choose which reading we do on a given day from those assigned for the week.  I told her no since we still had a reading from the previous week we needed to finish first before we could start the new batch.

Froggy's response was "well that makes sense but if I go fast and do a great job with that reading can we do [her requested reading] as well?"  Of course I said yes.  She wanted me to promise which I did.  And we proceed through the assigned reading and the first part of the additional reading with great enthusiasm and success.

When Froggy finished her narration, I started to put away the stuff and move on.  Froggy objected strongly.  "Can't we do the other half, please?"  So I gave her a choice.  It was time to start getting ready for bed and I had planned on putting on her standard bedtime video.  She very clearly chose to do more school rather than watch her favorite video. 

This is why we homeschool.


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