Looking forward to Year 2

We won't officially start second grade until Rosh HaShana.  But as we finish up other things we are starting some of our curriculum and I am pulling together all our resources.  We are going to have so much fun. 

It is going to be tons of fun because I learned a great deal this past year about what makes it more fun for Froggy.  We are going to do a notebook for the Burgess Animal Book from the very beginning.  Froggy loved putting the pictures of the birds in her Bird Book above her narrations.  I also purchased a guide to help with our Geography study.  I am not sure how much we will use it but it has some ideas for making it fun. 

I am still looking for ways to make our Book of centuries more fun and more useful.  I am putting together a clipart file to use with it of all the figures we are going to meet during the year.  That way when we meet them she can just cut them out, glue them into our BOC and add the information she wants.

As this past year has progressed we have added more and more elements from Charlotte Mason and the Ambleside curriculum.  Year 2 will be even more in keeping with it.  For instance, we are trying to do as many of the "Free Reads" (which I totally ignored in Year1) as possible starting with Mr. Popper's Penguins.  
I have also gotten some great tips on how to incorporate Picture Study and Music Study better into our life   For our first artist of the year, we are doing Renoir.  Froggy already has somewhat of a relationship with this artist so it makes a nice gentle introduction. 
 I love this video on how to do picture study.  I made an Art Gallery in our "School Room" to hang the pictures once we introduced them. 

For Music Study, I have made a playlist in GrooveShark of this term's composer, Claude DeBussy.  With Music Study, we are not doing anything formal.  I am simply going to play it during the day and answer her questions as they arise.  Easy peasy and fun.


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